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About J. Sugarman

J. Sugarman Auction Corporation specializes in conducting auctions and liquidations. We are well known for selling everything and anything, every type of inventory imaginable. Incorporated since 1999 as J.Sugarman Auction Corporation we have performed 1000’s of auctions over the years for 100’s of sellers including Private Owners, large Corporations, Cities, Counties, Insurance Companies, Finance Companies and Banks.

Recently elected into the the “Hall of Fame” J. Sugarman Auction Company boasts the fact that they perform an auction almost every day of the week. “We have averaged over (220+) Auctions each year for as long as we can remember” says Annette Boves, COO of the organization.

Sugarman not only performs these sales for the private sector but also for Charitable Foundations including Schools, Civic Groups and Churches. “Having the opportunity for our business to help others who need our help is a fortunate position to be in” says Scott Grasso, President of J. Sugarman Auction Corp.” I spend more weekend nights waiting to go share on stage then I do watching T.V., I guess that’s a good thing. I believe in helping others especially kids, I just love them.”

In 1999, Scott decided to start J. Sugarman Auction Corp, after being in the Liquidation business for (15) years. Since the day the business was started it was an instant success. Every day I would be out on business calls from morning to night looking at deals and helping construct liquidation plans for businesses looking to reduce inventories or close altogether. Hard work, blood, sweat and tears were what made this venture work say’s Scott , a day hasn’t gone bye in the last fifteen years that I haven’t had a meeting to help a client in need.

Scott’s expertise in auction marketing has helped the company to grow and now he is spear heading the firm into the future. Currently we are placing most of our auctions online in addition to live on the auction floor. This has helped us to amass customers from all over the world from Saudi Arabia and Dubai to the farthest cities in China. Soon we will be using satellite and cable T.V. to broadcast our auctions throughout the world.

Jay Sugarman is the name sake of the J. Sugarman Auction Corp. The original Jay Sugarman Auctioneers was formed by Jay Sugarman and his father Bob Sugarman. “Scott has kept our family tradition alive and were proud of the company” says Jay, as a matter of fact my son also works there. Jay has been in the auction business for over 45 years in South Florida and is a very well recognized name in the industry. He currently works with J. Sugarman Auction Corp as a consultant and mentor, with his incredible knowledge in the business. Many of J. Sugarman Auction Corp’s bidders have been regular customers of his for years

Jay Sugarman spends countless hours training and mentoring the sales staff to better assistance our clients. Jay assists in formulating and strategizing auction plans for our clients, he spends much of his time on the phone calling potential buyers, no one in the industry knows more about buyers and sellers than Jay.